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Get rid of the tangled and hard-to-reach wires around desks, desks, file cabinets, televisions, etc., including TV cables, data cables, headset cables, etc.

To use in the kitchen and bathroom, you can hang toothbrushes, towels, bath towels, etc. to make them dry faster, maintain ventilation, and reduce the growth of bacteria

Support and fix the growth direction of climbing plants without damaging the stalks of plants.

Save space, you can hang scarves, pens, necklaces, belts, ties

Nano tape paste, strong stickiness, long-lasting use, transparent, easy to tear off without damaging the wall. Suitable for glass, ceramic tile, marble, wood, skin, and metal.

It is not suitable for rough and uneven walls.


Material: Soft Silicone

Size: app. 2.3x3cm/0.90×1.18in

Color: Blue, Green, Gray, Pink (Random Delivery)

Left/Right Hand: Random Delivery

Package Included

Silicone Thumb Wall Hook*10 pcs

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