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😍Battery Tester solves your problems and makes your life easier!

😎Test batteries in seconds, tells you when it’s time to get a new one.



√ Easy to use and small in size makes it is ideal for the gadget bag, toolbox, or home utility drawer.

√ Tests C, AA, AAA, D, N, 9V 6F22 and 1.5V button cell batteries.

√ Suitable for carbon, zinc, and alkaline.

√ High-quality and trouble-free performance.

√ Clear LCD bar graph display for easy reading.

√ Reliable and intelligently.

√ Tri-color meter indicating the battery’s strength.

√ Precisely checks the power left in your batteries.

√ Practical and instant readouts.

√ Made with durable ABS.

√ Powered with only 1 x 1.55V button battery.



√ Testing Range: C, AA, AAA, D, N, 9V (6F22) and 1.55V button battery

√ Power Supply: 1.55V button-type battery (included)


Customer questions & answers

Question: Will this work on Energizer Lithium batteries?

Answer: Works with any battery once the negative and positive points of the battery can make contact with the respective points on the device including by wires.

Question: Will this work on Energizer Lithium batteries?

Answer: Yes!! This works on every battery I’m pretty certain, great buy.👍

Question: It says 1.5v button batteries. What about 3v button batteries? Does it test them also?

Answer: Yes it does.

Question: Does this accurately test ni-cd and NIMH batteries?

Answer: Yes. I test ni-me and alkaline batteries all the time and both can be tested on this tester. 

Question: How do you test button batteries? Can’t get a reading on any of them. Is there a special angle?

Answer: Just make sure that the positive side of the cell faces the red button of the tester and close the battery and read the appropriate scale on the tester. I routinely test various button cell batteries and have never had a problem. Hope this helps, have a very blessed day!

Question: Does it charge li-ion batteries?

Answer: It doesn’t charge anything. It’s a tester. It tests the stored energy level in batteries.

If something isn’t working you can at least eliminate the possibility that the batteries are depleted.

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