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Disposable toilet brush can help you solve these troubles!

About this item
Convenient storage and compact design: Unique design. The compact space-saving design hides your toilet brush for hygienic storage.
It is perfect for different bathrooms, suitable for narrow spaces next to the toilet or bathroom sink.


 Fast installation: only need to hold the handle of the brush and align the brush head and insert it downwards, and the brush head can be installed in one second. The installation speed is fast and the cleaning efficiency is high.

 One-key replacement: Press the button to automatically discard the brush head. From use to discarding the brush head, you don’t need to touch your hands, one slice at a time is clean and hygienic.

360°Universal brush head: Convenient to brush the toilet, each corner is better fit, the designed inverted structure, so that the brush head can rotate in all directions, while the sponge brush head will not fall

Soft brush head: with cleaning agent, quickly release decontamination factors, remove stubborn stains, decontaminate and leave a fresh fragrance, quickly melt in water, and decontaminate more quickly

Product Description
Widely used: For cleaning toilets, bathtubs, wash basins and sinks, suitable for all ceramic plastic glass surfaces. You can also hang it on a smooth wall or toilet tank via wall hooks, or place it on the floor.
Product: Disposable toilet brush
Material: PS, PP, POM
Size: 18.7*8.7*44.2cm/7.4*3.4*17.4in
Color: gray/black
Features: 360° steering head, one-button replacement, automatic lid opening, self-contained washing liquid, double-row storage
Application: cleaning bathroom toilet, glass, vanity, mirror

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