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Comes with Own App for iOS/Android

Safeguard your home or business with our advanced door sensor. With an iOS/Andriod app for remote monitoring and easy installation, you’ll enjoy enhanced security and complete peace of mind. Order yours today!

Supported by Smart Home Devices

Looking for the ultimate in home automation? Look no further than our smart door sensor, now with support for Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. Seamlessly integrate your security system with your smart home devices for enhanced convenience and total control.

Install in 30 seconds

Keep your home or workplace secure with our innovative door sensor. This can be attached to various surfaces such as doors, drawers, windows, and similar objects.

How to use Door Sensor?

Download the Android/iOS app and create an account

Power on the door sensor using the included batteries

Choose a location for the sensor on your door or window

Use the included adhesive tapes or screws to attach the sensor to the chosen location

Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to connect the sensor to your home Wi-Fi network

Test the sensor to ensure it’s working correctly

You’re all set! Receive notifications on your phone whenever the sensor detects activity on your door or window.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the notification make sound?

Yes, it makes a loud noise, so you don’t miss it. However, you can choose your alarm sound, adjust the sound level or completely disable it on the app itself.

Does the app require a subscription?

The service is entirely free, with no cost to the user. However, there is an optional paid feature for SMS and phone call alerytas an alternative to push notifications.

How do I stick the Door Sensor?

It is equipped with 3M adhesive tapes that can be affixed to any surface, ensuring that the sensor remains securely in place at all times.

Can I install it outside?

Of course, as long as it isn’t compromised by rain. Some will install it in their mail boxes and others will use it on their backyard doors.

How is Door Sensor Sensor powered?

It requires 2 AAA batteries which will last for a full year.

Can I remove Door Sensor Sensor and place it somewhere else?

It can be moved around and installed elsewhere as much as you wish. You can also connect it to a new wifi by pressing the reset button for 15 seconds. Once the sensor is connected to a wifi, it’ll send a notification every time its parts are separated, wherever you move it.



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