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Sewing tools are readily available

01. Thimble

02. Sewing needle

03.150cm automatic retractable soft ruler

04. Needle threader

05. Gauntlet scissors

06.20 color sewing thread


Double-layer Design

Place the tape measure, dial, scissors, thimble, and needle threader on the upper layer.

20 coils of different colors are placed on the lower layer.

Sewing tools are readily available. It is easy to find things.

No Shaking

The upper layer of pearl cotton is fixed, the tool has a card position, and the box body is not chaotic when shaken.

The upper and lower layers are separated by a partition plate and the lower layer coil is effectively fixed.

(夏季热卖 - 50% 折扣)多功能缝纫盒 - 买 2 件免运费

Textured Leather Tape Measure

The tape measure is wrapped in leather and feels full of texture.

Pulling is smooth and not stuck, easy to measure.

Multi-colored cotton coils

20 coils of different colors · Not easy to break. Tough and durable to meet sewing needs.

Portable Case

The thickness is only 3.8CM, so you can master it with one hand and it does not take up space in a drawer or bag.

It is easy to carry at home or when going out.


Materials: PET

Size: 195*38*85mm


1 x Multifunctional Sewing Kit

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