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A watermelon is loved by everyone in summer and it is the best product to cool down.

 At this time, a watermelon slicer, which can quickly and easily cut watermelons, came into being!

We’ve all been there. That awful moment where you’re the one who has to cut the watermelon so everyone can enjoy America’s most refreshing appetizers.

You will find that as soon as you grab our watermelon slicer in your hand all those frustrating feelings just disappear and slicing not only becomes a breeze but a ton of fun!

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Slice and dice in half the time you have enough on your plate.

There are plenty of other things that need to be done in the kitchen to set up that party or get prepared for that family lunch or dinner.

Ergonomic handle The blade of this Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer is integrated with a soft and comfortable handle, creating a perfect grip.

The ergonomic shape allows the right balance between the handle and the thin blade, ensuring ease of movement.

No more frustrating to clean – the best part – no more mess! No more dirty, damp, sticky countertops and tables!

All the leftover juices that come with cutting a watermelon conveniently stay in the leftover “Rind Bowl” that is created.

It is also moisture repellent and extra lightweight, allowing total dexterity, and does not tire your hands.

Superior quality blade made to the highest standards of food-grade stainless steel.


1 x Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer


Material: Food Grade Stainless steel

Color: Metallic

Weight: 80g

Size: 8.26 x 4.33 x 1.06 in

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