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Check out the awesome Tennis Trainer! 
easily hone your skills without the aid of a partner! 


The tether cord is connected to a base that serves as an anchor, allowing the ball to bounce back for another volley! 

Made of high-quality materials, it has strong, durable, and designed to take powerful shots!

Super-easy to use, simply fill the base with water to give it weight to counter the ball’s motion.

Its lightweight construction, when empty, allows you to bring it with you anywhere you’d like to practice!

The Tennis Trainer gives you the freedom to practice anytime, anywhere, and all by yourself!

It’s a perfect training tool for both novice and professionals alike.

Free yourself from the hassle of the need to go to the tennis court to practice your volley and hot.

Save money from having to pay for automatic ball throwers.

Get yourself a Tennis Trainer now, and free yourself from unnecessary expenses, a training partner, or a restricting training environment.


Material: PE

Color: Blue

Rope Length: 150 inches (stretch to 275-315 inches)

Capacity: 1.1L (filled with water or sand)

What you get:

1 x Tennis Self-study Device

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