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Wrap these Non-Slip Safety Shoe Grip around your hiking boots or shoes when the terrain turns icy and slippery.

 They will help you get to where you want to go safely and easily.

Putting on these Non-Slip Safety Shoe Grip will allow you to walk (or even run) on ice, snow, or sand with confidence — All thanks to the revolutionary grip technology that firmly track your footing to any slippery surfaces.

You will be definitely be able to move SAFELY without worrying about slipping or falling!

They are easy to put on your shoes when you need them, and easy to take off when you reach a safe walking surface.

Provide exceptional grip while climbing steep and slippery surfaces

Help to reduce the risk of falling and injury during winter day

Suitable for traction and safely crossing ice, snow or any slippery paths

Made of high quality, heavy-duty rubber frame and stainless steel

Durable, but yet extremely lightweight

Convenient — Elastic straps for easy wear and easy removal

Fits All Kinds of Shoes — Sports Shoes, Climbing Boots, Double Boots

Suitable for All Shoe Sizes

Durable, Comfortable and Safe to Wear

Material: High Grade Silicone, Quality Steel Studs

Child Size(2.83 X 7.01 In) Suitable for 32-36
Adult Size(3.74 X 9.84 In) Suitable for 35-43 (Recommend)

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